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Analysis of the governance of health systems

The activities of the Governance team revolve around three main directions: the field and the production of case studies in Senegal and Chad, the creation of a comparative framework between countries, and the monitoring of doctoral students and the organization of method seminars.

PhD students and methodological reinforcement: the first seminars at Gaston Berger University

The capacity building of young researchers is one of the group's main activities. Thus, three doctoral students are working under the supervision of Mame Penda Ba and Fred Eboko.

The doctoral students' research subjects are: the analysis of the formulation process in the development and implementation of social policies (example of the conditional cash transfer in Senegal) by Rama Sao Diop, the financing of the UHC in Senegal in 2013 to 2020 by Fatou Binetou Niang, and a comparative study of the resilience of local health systems (departmental level) by Falilou Fall.


A method seminar program has been established in order to best equip students in terms of methodology. The first sessions were organized and moderated by Phillipe Lavigne Delville with the participation of the faculty of the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences. These sessions focused on various topics:

Session 1: Analyzes "rooted in the ground": the foundations of empirical research in the social sciences

Session 2: Construct a problem: delimitation of the object, critical state of the literature, construction of the questioning

Session 3: Identify, organize, manage your bibliography: principles and introduction to bibliography software

Réalisation de frises chronologiques sur les dispositifs menants à la CSU dans les trois pays

Une stagiaire de Sciences politiques Paris (Bertille Daran) et trois doctorant de l'UGB (Fatou Binetou Niang, Falilou Fall, Rama Sao Diop) ont réalisé trois frises chronologiques visant à recenser les dispositifs menants à la CSU. Ce travail collaboratif donnera lieu à un article scientifique sur les défis de réalisation de ces frises. 

Frises du Mali, Sénégal et Tchad

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