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Emergence of health reforms project

In July 2019, Lara Gautier, principal researcher of this project, carried out a data collection from senior officials of the country Helped by member researchers, Laurence Touré, Fanny Chabrol and Valéry Ridde, she presented the first results of the analysis during of the inter-country workshop in Saly in November 2019 .

The objective of the research was to analyze the political processes behind the emergence and planned operationalization of the 2019 reform and understand how it relates to ongoing reforms and policy frameworks. This research also covered an important methodological issue since it involved using an original theoretical framework, not yet used in the analysis of public policies in African contexts. It was about understanding, using the post-structuralist approach of Carole Bacchi (detailed in the presentation below), how the representations of problems, at the base of the shaping of the reform, collide between the different actors. policies in Mali.

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