UNISSAHEL to reach universal health coverage in Sahel

 UNISSAHEL program deals with understanding and studying interventions which aim to achieve universal health coverage (UHC) in three countries (Mali, Senegal, Chad) to support policy decisions.

Universal health coverage : what is it ?

UHC aims to ensure that everyone receives quality health services needed without risking impoverishment because of fees. It requires equitable and sustainable financing systems for effective and resilient health systems.

UHC is a social protection aimed at :

  • Preventing disease

  • Facing the risks of impoverishment due to illness or disability

  • Facing "life risks" such as accidents, unemployment, pregnancy, retirement, etc.

UHC is not just about diseases. It is also about strengthening protective institutions for the population, and addressing inequalities in the distribution of power and income. It is, therefore, not only about curative services. It also concerns preventive services, public health promotion, and social determinants of health (education, environment, etc.). 

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